Friday, March 05, 2004

Blog Day 2: Yikes! I suppose my "blogging" skill are sub par. Daniel is back on his feet and my purrrecious friends are up to their usual mischief. Sex and the City ("John!!!") and the Oscars (Stars, Stars, Stars) have both passed and what are we left with? America's Next Top Model? I don't THINK so!

In other news, David Alexander has been requesting a LOT of PO's from Accounting (that's me). Spring is in the air!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I hope you like the look! I have chosen "jellyfish." Not too shabby. Friends tell me to start off slow. I don't want to set the "bar" too high. Here goes:

I am Jocelyn Oyster, and I'm happy to meet you!

Day One: My one cat is sick (Daniel), but not the other (Jewel). Hope we end up both healthy soon. I'll keep you "POST"ed.

Thanks for reading!

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